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Green tea with tangerine to guard the line

What better way to hydrate and refresh your body with a delicious tea with tangerine flavor, thus helping our body to keep it in line with the beneficial properties of green tea.

– For that we need to 3 a 5 teabags (to taste) Green tea for two literste-verde con mandarinas water.

– 2 sliced ​​tangerines

– 1 lemon (the juice)

– Sweetener (saccharin)


We prepare the tea bags in hot water, After a few minutes remove the tea bags and let cool, not forget the sweetener, one tea you see this at room temperature pour the lemon juice and slices of tangerine and leave a 8 hours in the fridge until all flavors mergers.

You can also substitute the lemon slices tangerines without the skin is equally delicious.

And ready! A delicious and refreshing iced tea to better face the summer!


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