Pasta de verduras con brócoli

There is nothing better to enjoy a delicious meal without excluding the healthy food, as an example of this combination of vegetables pasta with broccoli.

Amount for two people


green paste

-Pasta de vegetables (The green)


-Half an onion

-One garlic clovebroccoli

-1/4 red pepper

-1/4 green pepper

-Sliced ​​mushrooms (amount to taste)


-Shredded cheese


We will in two parts, the first will be in a saucepan to boil water with a little salt, once this boil broccoli we take a few minutes until Tiernitos and retired to one side to drain well for later use. We use the same water of broccoli to get spice up our pasta vegetable, set ourselves the cooking time on the package of pasta, once this check removed the water with a colander and pour a stream of olive oil over cold water so that no small pasta and we put in the pan and mix with broccoli (no matter if part of the broccoli is disarmed, It is what we want), split some broccoli to garnish the dish later if desired.

Moreover we sauce, a satin will fry the onion with the clove of minced garlic and minutes before completely browned onion and garlic, we'll take the two pieces of fine chopped peppers into small cubes and mushrooms for a few minutes for even cooking, then we'll take a little cream and let it thicken and you're ready sauce.

To finish we serve pasta with broccoli, we take the sauce and mix badly, you sprinkle the grated cheese to give that special flavor that can not miss in a pasta dish, and we last if we want we can put a small bunch of broccoli on top to decorate our plate.

And BuAla! A delicious vegetable dish!


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  1. ed153 says:

    The truth is that it is a very easy dish to make and certainly very good.
    100% advisable. Greetings and congratulations on the page! !

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