Esta es una receta muy sencilla de elaborar que os llevara pocos minutos realizarla.


230grams of oatmealend

30grams of chia seeds (opcional)

100g flour

150gr brown sugar

½ tbsp yeast

1 pinch of salt

2 huevos

150 ml extra virgin olive oil

1 Tablespoon vanilla essence

3 drops of red food coloring (opcional)

The steps are as follows:

First we use a bowl or bowl means to work comfortably in size and will miss oatmeal, chia (if you desired), the flour, brown sugar, yeast and pinch of salt. We will leave this to one side to proceed with the second step.

he was 1

Secondly use another bowl for the rest of ingredients are the two eggs, Oil, vanilla and food coloring if you want to give a little color to the biscuit without being so white and look even more appealing to the eye. Once all the ingredients thrown into the mixing bowl so that it is well blended have.

Finally we will add this mixture to the bowl where it is and will remove oats until thoroughly mixed and everything and be ready for baking.

paso 2

baked cookies 1

Remember to always turn your oven a few minutes before entering the cookies for andfinished cookies 1this preheated, untaremos once done a bit of butter on the baking sheet to avoid running the risk that we stick cookies, and ready in some 12 little minutes in the oven at 180 or until you see them and half doraditas, the fold, let cool and ready to eat some delicious cookies and energy.

baked 2






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