Guaraná como quema grasas

The Gurana is a fruit native to the Amazon, but they are also found in Peru, Venezuela, Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica.fruit

It is an important element in the culture of the Brazilian Indians, since these tribes consider this fruit as a magic fruit to cure intestinal problems, diseases and to regain strength.

These fruits, once they are collected, separate the seeds and stored until fermentation aryl, which is then extracted. The roasted and then they make a fine powder.

Guarana is widely used in drinks, especially in energy drink and supplement to promote health and weight loss.

This fruit is very beneficial in weight loss because it causes a feeling of fullness, inhibiting appetite. It also acts to accelerate the metabolism burning more fat, this always helped by a good diet and exercise. Another reason that helps you lose weight by stimulating its main active ingredients of the caffeine in our body releases adrenaline and makes us happier, with much more desire to move and predisposed for exercises.

We must have primary care and consult with a doctor before taking if heart problems or suffer from high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, anxiety or nervousness, as guarana has a content very high in caffeine and could pose a problem for these people.

You can find this herbal supplement, especially in some markets and usually contain caffeine from guarana in many of the supplements used for gyms.

When using this supplement it is recommended to take between morning and noon as it may alter and remove the sleep.

I must emphasize that each body is different and not all react the same and above all food supplements and especially those that help you lose fat are more effective whenever a good diet and do some exercise.

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  1. admin says:

    Personally I'm taking a supplement with guarana extract, green tea I got in the Carrefour Market, to me I am helping me lose weight but I also do exercise and eat well, fat foods. In my case, as experience with this product have not felt hunger, especially because sometimes I suffer anxiety about food without really being hungry and it has taken me and even when I eat I feel full long before, eating less.
    And on the subject of caffeine, in my case it does not make me any effect, but I never, any beverage that has already taken whether it be coffee, monster, red bull, burn… ect. I have never taken and I have caused some kind of euphoria, I can even sleep peacefully after having taken.

    This is my personal experience as I said before.

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