Semilla de CHÍA

¿Mega-suplemento? ¿Le podrías clasificar como tal debido a sus propiedades nutricionales y sus beneficios que provoca en nuestro sistema?

Estas semillas son originarias de climas tropicales, como son México, Guatemala y Bolivia. Consumption of this dates back to the ancient Maya and Aztecs who used chia working in different nutritional and medicinal.

We can highlight this seed according to British nutritionist Madeleine Shaw, what are you They have no gluten, they contain Omega 3, rich in

fibers and antioxidants. Among others contain the following nutrients:far

  • 5 times more football milk
  • 3 times more antioxidants blueberries
  • 3 times more iron spinach
  • 2 times more fiber oats
  • 2 times more proteins any vegetable
  • 2 times more potassium the banana (banana)

They also have amino acids, vitamins and minerals, very important nutrients for the body

Experts have found many advantages in the use of these simillas for both athletes, and people wishing to lose weight, giving extra help, because provides energy, It promotes muscle development and tissue regeneration that consumes and turn control appetite satiating effect, He is according to studies at the University of Ohio in USA, They help fight anxiety, because they contain only one type of soluble fiber that expands creating a gel around increasing several times its own weight when combined with fluid. This gel helps reduce the absorption of carbohydrates consumed creating that state of satiety.

Also because of the nutrients it contains chia seeds help control cholesterol levels and sugars, besides facilitating intestinal transit, since it has a high fiber content helps regulate bowel lazy.

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FORMS OF consume

Very important to know that it is always advisable to soak in water before consuming for these absorb that water and not from within.

The seeds can be used in various ways as they are in foods, desserts, juices etc ....

Here you have some examples:

– In the form of juice:

It can be consumed in a normal ready-made juice or we can prepare us with envelopes Tang.

In Tang juice:

– ½ bottle of water or 2 liters

– Tang (on juice) You can use the on whole or half, as more you like.

– Chia seeds

– Mixing it with yogurt

– In the creamed vegetables

– In chia oatmeal cookies



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