Pierde peso de forma segura y eficaz

A la hora de perder peso siempre es mejor de realizarlo de forma segura para evitar el efecto yo-yo con el cual se recupera el doble de lo que se ha perdido. Con seguridad

Always a safe weight loss is done slowly but effective, without starving and since then maintain that weight loss more easily.

The body is a complex design, that to work properly you need we provide him, but never more, because if ingested more than is spent, This builds up a reserve. But nevertheless, if we give the body a little less than you need, gradually you will get that small amount of the body's reserves and began losing that reserve. Eye! Not to be confused with body shot limit their nutrients because as they say: "The body is wise" and if hungry decrease metabolism to consume less energy, therefore, when you start eating normal body began to accumulate more reserves for an upcoming famine.

con seguridadTo lose weight safely and without slowing down your metabolism follow these tips:

Meals distributed throughout the day, since 4 a 6 times, and the calories we consume are distributed. In each digest, energy is needed, representing a calorie, always try to not exceed 400 kcal per meal.

– Many times we are not aware of what we put in our mouth and eat more than they actually needed by the body and this is where the problem arises, For this You are better take a record of what fences calories consumed with their respective.

– Search the extent possible always eat foods low in fat and contain fewer calories each 100g.

– Reduce carbohydrates fast or easy absorption, are more recommended for slow or complex carbohydrate absorption, since these to be more complex molecules are reduced to simple molecules to be assimilated, this means that by eating complex carbohydrates glucose molecules are slowly released into the blood keeping it stable for much longer and not feel the need to eat again as soon as we eat more simple carbs.

– Always keep your body well hidratado.

– Make a minimum of exercise 15 Y 20 minutes daily if possible.

Knowing that if the body consumes energy to keep our body alive and functioning properly to live day by day, such as the simple act of breathing and even when we are sleeping our body is consuming energy to replenish and generate new cells, this is called basal metabolism, This consumes 70-75% of total calorie intake, without exercise or work that is physically performed on a day to day as may be cleaning house.

On our home page, on the right side, you dispense an application for you to be able you to calculate your BMR and how many calories you should consume during the day itself.


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