A healthy pregnancy without losing the line

During pregnancy should not eat twice as they say, but must provide Sin perder la linea the body of a little more of certain nutrients to the baby develop healthily without exceeding our body with more weight than it should.

In a pregnancy always it gains weight gradually as pregnancy progresses, which means that the baby is developing healthily. Given the complexion of each woman, as usual, in a pregnancy at a normal weight should gain between 9 a 15 kgs. Depending on how pregnancy begins, if the weight is below normal, I recommend that you increase more kilos or otherwise with excess weight, will recommend that the ideal would rise between 6 a 9 kilos. This should always be indicated by the gynecologist who carried pregnancy.

To avoid cluttering more than they should and get back to pre-pregnancy weight more quickly should bring healthy eating, eating a bit of everything, based on your diet fruits and vegetables which provide large amounts of vitamins, minerals and fiber, from lácteos which they are very important to provide the necessary calcium for the baby's development, from proteins necessary to have the power in this process, It is healthier white meats and fish, since red meat contain more saturated fat, cereales as much as possible and avoid fatty foods, rich in saturated fat, such as fried foods or sweets; Make frequent small meals and more, between 5 Y 6 meals a day. You can ask a suitable nutritionist to make you a meal plan tailored to your needs.

Perform daily exercises like walking, swim, yoga for pregnant, that will help you rest better by getting rid of back pain and stress.

Weight during the quartersAlimentación en el embarazo

During the first quarter normally is not usually gain weight, even some women with nausea and vomiting of pregnancy usually lose a kilo at this stage.

During the second quarter, it will go noticing weight gain gradually, normal at this stage is an increase between 4,5 a 6,5 kilos.

In the third quarter, during these last weeks of gestation will usually win 3,5 a 4 kilos.

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