Ejercicio de Kegel

El ejercicio de kegel fue creado por el ginecólogo Arnold Kegel, en principio para ayudar a las mujeres en los problemas como la incontinencia urinaria o prolapsos uterinos de después de dar a luz, but really it brings more benefits for both women and for men.

Kegel exercise does work especially the pubococcygeus muscle in the pelvis, maintainer urine, feces and sex, since this muscle is shared by men and women together can make a profit from it.cone

In the female part to strengthen this muscle not suffer urinary continence or return to the normal state of the uterus after a natural birth and especially performing this exercise during pregnancy facilitates the birth helping when bidding more easily and decreases the chances of suffering lacerations during the same, also worth noting that this exercise helps improve sexual satisfaction of women, increasing blood flow to the genital area by providing more sensitivity in that area in the sexual act.

Man in strengthening the pelvic muscles help improve voluntary control of ejaculation, helping to extend the time sex and even intensify such pleasures of orgasm, in addition to exercising these muscles weaken them could pose problems of urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction in men avoided, since by increasing blood flow in that area it helps better circulation of the blood vessels that run through the genital.


This exercise is very easy to do at any time, while seated, lying, watching TV. To do both men and women have to contract and relax the pelvic muscles as if they were holding back the flow of urine, They should feel muscle tightens and relaxes, going up and back down, holding the tense muscle during 6 O 8 seconds and relax by 10 second, Must be done 10 repetitions, three times a day.


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