Colesterol un riesgo importante

Debemos saber que el colesterol es una molécula compleja que se origina en el hígado donde es sintetizado y de la obtención de los alimentos que ingerimos.

Cabe destacar que el colesterol pese a ser perjudicial en altas cantidades, It is essential to the proper functioning of organism, such as hormone production or for the creation of the plasma membrane that regulates the inputs or outputs of substances through cells and precursor of vitamin D. arterias

There are two types of cholesterol are:

Bad cholesterol (LDL), LDL which actually is a high-density lipoprotein which is responsible for transporting cholesterol is synthesized in the liver through the blood to perform the necessary functions in the body, this lipoprotein it the so-called bad cholesterol because when cells no longer need cholesterol that builds up and that's when there is a risk.

Good cholesterol (HDL), HDL which actually is a low-density lipoprotein charge of transporting excess cholesterol you no longer need the body to the liver, in which the intestinal tract metabolize and expel excess avoiding clogging LDL cholesterol in the arteries.

We know that having high cholesterol can cause serious harm to health so that you may have a progressive narrowing in the artery walls causing atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction.

How to interpret cholesterol tests

In a biochemical analysis we will find the results provided in this way:

Total cholesterol, measures all types of cholesterol in blood:

– High: or more 240

– Near the limit: 200 a 230

– Good: below 200

If your total cholesterol level is high the doctor will know through the result of LDL or HDL to decide if you need treatment.


A healthy HDL level to be:

– mens: above 40 mg/dL

– Women: above 50 mg/dL

The exercise helps raise HDL cholesterol if


Called as bad cholesterol, this is the most interest has to monitor not having high, as if I had raised your doctor will send a respective treatment.

A healthy LDL level is the one that fits into the optimal or close range.

– Close to optimal: 100 – 129 mg/dL

– High midium: 130 – 159 mg/dL

– Alto: 160 – 189 mg/dL

– Very high: 190 mg/dL


The VLDL contains the highest amount of triglycerides and is considered a type of bad cholesterol, because it helps cholesterol build up in the walls of arteries.

A Normal VLDL cholesterol level is between 5 Y 40 mg/dL.


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