Leche de Soja

Alternativa a la leche de vaca, “la soja”.

Más saludable, less prone to rejection ... Today it is known that cow's milk is not as good as we thought because sometimes causes swelling and discomfort in people to consume, for that there are alternatives like soy milk or even better almond milk among many others.

Soy milk may be one of the alternatives to cow's milk sometimes produce evils in certain individuals.

This is consumed since the early 90 where he gained much prominence by the fact that he considered miraculous as the eastern women consumed soy milk and studies showed that they were less likely to suffer from breast cancer. Nowadays, It is shown that the health of Oriental women is not only consume soymilk, but by eating style that generally lead.

Although today has half a world divided between scientists, if it is more beneficial or otherwise harmful.

Its benefits

The truth is that it has given its benefits, is recommended but as all food consumption in moderation, since it is rich in proteins, low calorie and fat, in essential fatty acids which are considered necessary for growth and development for young and old, although consumption is not recommended for children under 5 years (always consult a pediatrician about), football, phosphorus and magnesium content helps in better absorption of calcium, B vitamins, especially vitamin B6 and folic acid and minerals like iron content.


To all this, soymilk despite its nutrient content, it contains less amounts than cow's milk so it is not advisable to use as a single.


Therefore if it was to replace the cow's milk has to be noted that soymilk sparingly is a good solution whenever combined with other foods or other dairy milks.


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