¿Conoces el crossfit?

El crossfit o también llamado cross-fitness es un método de entrenamiento de alta intensidad creado en 2001 por el estadounidense Greg Glassman, en un principio lo creo para entrenar a policías, extendiéndose posteriormente al entrenamientos de la marina, firefighters and military, reaching this popular practice spread to many countries given their good results.

Training this practice is WOD, stands for "work of the day" which addresses a different exercise program every day, differentiating fixed and predictable routines that usually.


Crossfit is carried out to optimize the different types of fitness comprising cardiovascular and respiratory resistance, force, flexibility, power, speed, fortress, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

This type of exercise can be practiced for any type of people since it varies the degree, but not the kind. Surprisingly the same methods for a professional athlete provide the same optimal response to seniors, except that an older person will not load the same weight at work to realize that a professional athlete, but both work equally different level.

According to research published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research This activity is an improvement in aerobic capacity and body composition. The research was conducted with healthy subjects of both sexes during 10 weeks, giving as results of significant improvements in all levels of initial fitness and decreased body fat percentage in both sex.

Since it is a high intensity training must be done properly and supervised by a professional to avoid risk of injury.



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