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EL limón

El limón en rico en aporte vitamínicos y en minerales, una fruta con propiedades curativas y preventivas que refuerza el sistema inmunológico, un buen depurante de toxinas de nuestro organismo y un poderoso antibacteriano. Sin olvidar que es un poderoso

exercise for our health

Why is it so important a minimum of exercise? We know that physical activity not only burns calories but also improves our health helping our body in many ways as they are: -Improves our cardiovascular system -Disminuyendo blood pressure

Pasta de verduras con brócoli

There is nothing better to enjoy a delicious meal without excluding the healthy food, as an example of this combination of vegetables pasta with broccoli. Amount for two people Ingredients: -Pasta de vegetables (The green) -Half an onion broccoli -A

EL brócoli

Esta fascinante verdura perteneciente a la familia de crucíferas, con sus multipropiedades beneficiosas para prevenir el cáncer, enfermedades degenerativas, cardiovasculares, envejecimiento prematuro, fortalece el sistema inmunológico, un detoxificante y antioxidante y un potente aliado durante el embarazo y contra la

Sulforafano, an ally for many

Sulforaphane is a chemical that can be found in high amounts especially in broccoli, also they contain lesser extent cauliflower, as well as other cabbage family vegetables. It is a powerful anticancer and possible

Guaraná como quema grasas

The Gurana is a fruit native to the Amazon, but they are also found in Peru, Venezuela, Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica. It is an important element in the culture of the Brazilian Indians, puesto que estas tribus consideran a esta

Green tea for your brain

Published in the journal Psychopharmacology, reveal the work of researchers at the University Hospital Basel in Switzerland, on the relationship of green tea antioxidants with increased connectivity between the frontal and parietal cortex

You are looking to get pregnant?

Did you know that stress reduces 29% your chances of pregnancy? Wexner Medical experts deCentro researchers from Ohio State University (USA) published in the journal Human Reproduction,demonstrate and confirm the validity of previous studies on

Green tomatoes for muscles

According to research by the University of Lowa in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, They have found that tomatidine found in green tomatoes, They help reduce muscle atrophy, which affects elderly patients or patients with a

Pineapple smoothie with green tea

If you like they shake better way to look healthier your line that you see to reap its benefits. we need: – A cup of green tea sweetened to taste – Pineapple slices – Optional